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Famed Medical Tourism Company’s Global Patient Services team provides world class treatment with a personal touch to patients from across the globe. These patients receive the same attentive care and advanced therapies & necessary treatment that are available in India.
India has many world class hospitals, conducting innovative research and providing cutting edge treatments. These are made possible by the outstanding researchers, physicians, and surgeons that country retain. All patients in Global patients services have access to these pioneering therapies, some unavailable outside India.
Our Global Patient Services team creates travel and healthcare packages tailored to each individual patient that encompass everything from clinical consultation and imaging and laboratory diagnostics to surgery, treatment regimens, and rehabilitation. The entire process is personalized to our patients’ unique needs. Famed is very experienced in streamlining emergency flights, testing, and treatment in India.
India is a highly popular medical tourism destination. Each year our Global Patient Services team treats thousands of patients hailing from around the world, including from, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, South Africa, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, the United States, and Nigeria etc.
We offer a totality of care in several different languages and provide translation services. You will also be assigned a dedicated coordinator who will be your first point of contact during your time in India.


To create an ethical and high quality healthcare organisation that serves all sections of society sustainably through a three way focus on education, research and delivery.


  • Providing international standards of empathetic, specialized clinical & non-clinical care
  • Providing leading-edge technology to accelerate recovery and achieve long-term prevention
  • Providing services that can be afforded by all sections of society •
  • Employing the best-in-class full-time medical translators and interpreters.
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  • Patient Satisfaction – Surpass our patient’s expectations
  • Pursuit of Excellence – Provide service excellence in healthcare tourism
  • Care & Compassion – Empathy and care for every life
  • Leadership by Example -Commitment to trust-worthy transactions
  • Quality – Focused to improve the quality of work
  • Integrity & Transparency – Ethical, Sincere & Open in service interactions

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Health facilities in India operate through the highest technology available in the world.

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